Educational Projects

Mary's Meals (2016-2020)

Mary's Meals Millions of children worldwide have no access to education because of hunger and poverty. Many children interrupt their education because they have to work at home, in fields and businesses or even have no choice but to search and beg for food. And, for those who are lucky enough to go to school, the unfortunate reality is that they are constantly fighting fatigue and hunger with all their effects, at the expense of concentration and learning. Mary's Meals' programmes provide more than 1.1 million of the world's poorest children with a daily meal at school to encourage children to visit school every day as well as parents to send their children to school. The PRANA Foundation supports Mary's Meals' projects in Malawi and Zambia.

Children's Centre "Kyiyalkechter" Kyrgyzstan (2018-2020)

"Kyiyalkechter" is a children's centre for the inclusive promotion, education and upbringing of children with disabilities aged 7 to 16. Since 2006, the centre has offered children with disabilities the opportunity to actively attend an educational institution. In principle, the institution takes a holistic approach to education, which enables all children with their respective skills to participate in the daily learning sequences. With the support of the PRANA Foundation, a new minibus could be purchased for the children's centre, which ensures the transportation of the children to events, excursions and homesteads.

Panguana-Stiftung, Peru (2018-2020)

Panguana-Stiftung The main objectives of the Panguana project are the preservation of the rainforest, the exploration, documentation and publication of its extraordinary biodiversity, as well as an intensive transfer of knowledge about this threatened habitat in order to raise, in a responsible and sustainable way, the awareness for the fragile ecosystem of the rainforest. This fundamentally important educational mission is combined with targeted social projects in the surrounding indigenous villages and their schools. With the funding of the PRANA Foundation, technical equipment for the research station in Peru is financed.

The Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia (CLaSH) (2019)

CLaSH The Association for Children with Speech, Language and Hearing Impairments in Namibia (CLaSH) has set itself the goal of promoting equal opportunities for children with hearing and speech impairments. It aims to give them equal access to school, education, work and other institutions as well as to promote the early recognition and care of children with special needs. With the support of the PRANA Foundation, a new kindergarten for deaf children was built in Windhoek. Photo: (c) Axel Dainat Architects

Venture Scotland (2017-2019)

Venture Scotland with its outdoor-based personal development programme, helps young people to develop their personal skills and acquire the skills they need to get a job or a vocational training opportunity. With the support of the PRANA Foundation, the position of a Volunteer & Practice Development Manager is being financed.

Place2Be (2017)

Health and wellbeing of pupils and teachers is the basis for successful teaching and learning. Place2B offers Scottish schools accompanying measures and training to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of students, families and teachers. PRANA Foundation is funding the launch of the organization's Health Champions and Talented Teachers Program, contributing to the creation of a healthy learning environment in which personal resources and skills can be developed to enable students, their families, and teachers to deal with daily needs and organize their lives autonomously.

The Spartans Community Football (2017)

The Spartans Community Football Academy offers an alternative school program for children and adolescents who are not able to follow the mainstream curriculum due to emotional and social behaviour problems. The program supports students through special coaching and mentoring, focusing on self-reflection, personal development and fostering a growth mindset. With the support of PRANA-Stiftung further scholarships can be awarded.

Join for Joy (2017)

Join for Joy organizes sports and game programs for primary schools in rural areas in Kenya and Uganda. The programs make use of the positive effects of sports and play on the self-development of children, physically, mentally and socially, and allow children and teachers alike to acquire social skills, to develop problem management strategies and thus to broaden their experience and scope of action. PRANA Foundation supports the participation of five primary schools in Uganda.

WEDU - Women's Education (2013-2014)

T340_140903_WEDUIn Southeast Asia, WEDU is dedicated to support young women with great leadership potential and to enable them to take charge of their lives and to reach their highest potential as professionals and leaders in their families and communities, thus gaining direct influence on the development of their country.

Through a strong network, a broad-based, lifelong mentoring program and the provision of financial resources WEDU allows young women access to higher education and provides assistance for their professional and personal development.

In this way, the women shall gradually realize their full potential and enlarge their sphere of influence. PRANA Foundation provides four young women from Burma, Nepal and Cambodia with scholarships.

SOS Children's Villages Thái Bình, Vietnam (2012-2013)

The Thái Bình Province is located on the coast in northern Vietnam, about 100 km from Hanoi. While the social and economic conditions in Vietnam have increasingly improved in recent years, Thái Bình is still one of the poorer regions. There is a growing inequality in the distribution of wealth. In particular, children are still exposed to great suffering, many have no access to clean drinking water and sanitation, many children suffer from malnutrition. PRANA Foundation pays around two thirds of the construction costs of an entire SOS Children's Village in Thái Bình. The Children's Village consists of fourteen family houses.  At full capacity, 140 children will find a secure home. In addition, the children will be able to visit a kindergarten and other facilities there.


Anwia Nkwanta (2008)

Projekt Anwia Nkwanta DorfbauThe PRANA Foundation supports various activities of orphanage in Anwia Nkwanta, a village in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. The orphanage enables children to grow up in a trusted environment and offers basic and secondary education. The objective is to allow the children to develop into strong and independent adults.
Programme activities include agricultural Projekt Anwia Nkwanta Thank You PRANAprojects that enable the orphanage to become ultimately self-financing. The children learn, for example, to grow vegetables and to keep livestock in order to become self-sufficient. They also learn how to carve out a livelihood through the sale of their produce.

Verkaart helps Kenia (2007-2010)

The PRANA Foundation supports 60 orphan girls for a period of 4 years, and so Mamba Schoolenables them to complete their school curriculum leading to better future job prospects.  In this way the PRANA Foundation sponsors the Dutch “Verkaart Stichting”, a non-profit organisation that provides care for the poorest – providing not just schooling, but also clothing, school uniforms, and basic medical care. The “Verkaart Stichting” has built several orphanages in Kenya and is still expanding its activities – always in close cooperation with local authorities and elders.

Magic Hospital (2008-2013)

Projekt Magic Hospital The PRANA Foundation sponsors a special project in China that offers socially disadvantaged, neglected and abused children in Beijing a reliable shelter. Through the project, the children come into contact – often for the first time – with music, dance and song; music thus becomes a therapeutic tool that strengthens the children's self esteem and emotional development. In this sheltered environment children experience the respect that is often absent in their usual environment, and they discover that it is worthwhile to learn.

The sponsorship by the PRANA Foundation has gone towards the purchase of musical instruments, and will enable the appointment of a dedicated employee who will be responsible for the coordination of all projects of “Magic Hospital” organisation in China.



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