Social Entrepreneur Projects

FreshStart (2016-2018)

FreshStart supports homeless people in Edinburgh to improve their living conditions. This includes providing so-called Starter Packs (basic essential household goods to help set up and sustain a new home), renovation of new dwellings with the help of volunteers, and target-oriented motivational skills training, life skills training, and job training. With the support of PRANA-Stiftung, FreshStart is able to employ a Corporate Volunteer Coordinator.

Hunger Projekt Deutschland (2009-2011)

Hunger Projekt DeutschlandThe Hunger Project is a global non-profit organization committed to promoting the sustainable end of world hunger. The Hunger Project focuses on Africa, Asia and Latin America, enabling T430_Hunger_Projekt_Deutschlandpeople to lead a self-determined life and to achieve a better future for their children. The Hunger Project particularly aims to support women and build their capacity to act as effective change agents. PRANA Foundation is involved in Burkina Faso and Uganda.

Drishtee (2009-2011)

In spite of the rapid economic progress in India, there is still insufficient access to financial services for millions of people – especially for those who live in rural areas. Yet, particularly the poor are in dire need of support in order to be able to procure a stable income and a secure existence. PRANA supports the Drishtee Foundation with the objective to reduce rural poverty in a sustainable manner. Drishtee provides financial services (e.g. micro-credit) to the poor and disadvantaged. The focus is on very small enterprises, active in the areas of education and health, and thus helps achieve the development of a solid rural infrastructure in India.

African Leadership Academy (ALA) (2009-2011)

ALA Kofi Annan & ALA StudentsThe African Leadership Academy was founded in September 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This non-profit organisation aims to educate students as future leaders in politics, academia and business.

African Leadership Foundation is financed by donations: from private persons and corporations. So far, 8 out of 10 African ALA GraduationLeadership Foundation students have obtained a grant for further education at an international university. The PRANA foundation finances 4 African Leadership Foundation grants: currently, these “PRANA scholars” originate from Mali, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda.

Ashoka (2008-2011)

Projekt_Ahoka The support of the international Ashoka organisation enables PRANA to sponsor social entrepreneurs: people who are committed to identify innovative solutions for social problems or injustices. Ashoka cultivates an extensive network of social entrepreneurs which enables them to exchange experiences and know-how. Grants and advice stimulate the entrepreneurs to realise their ideas for the public good. PRANA sponsors 6 social entrepreneurs active in South East Asia (currently India, Thailand and Indonesia).

Projekt: One Acre Fund (2008-2011)

One Acre FundThe declared objective of the One Acre Fund is to enable those people in East Africa who are permanently threatened by hunger to surmount their poverty and to become self-sufficient. 80 % of the largest group are small farmers. The focus of the PRANA Foundation is a project in Kenya: here, farmers obtain specific training in modern farming techniques – as well as seeds, equipment and fertilisers. The One Acre Fund also enables market access for those farmers who did not have such direct access in the past. This helps prevent that farmers are forced to sell their produce below fair market prices in difficult times.


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