Health Projects

Babushka Adoption Deutschland e.V. (2018-2020)

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the resulting economic problems stemming from the independence of Kyrgyzstan, many elderly people receive very low pensions. If these people do not have families or the families themselves struggle financial problems, poverty is certain to be an issue for them. Babushka Adoption applies a concept known in the field of children's aid to elderly people, namely to "adopt a babushka/dedushka" In addition, Babushka Adoption not only promotes support groups that enable elderly people to integrate into society, but also represents their interests towards Kyrgyzstan's the government and the society as whole. The PRANA Foundation supports 27 elderly people in Kyrgyzstan and enables them to have some dignified sunset years.

Licht für die Welt e.V. (2019)

Licht für die Welt80 percent of all cases of blindness or visual impairment are treatable or could have been avoided. The association Licht für die Welt is committed to ophthalmic care, rehabilitation and education as well as the strengthening of the rights of people with disabilities in third world countries. With the project "Learning Together-One Class for All" the PRANA Foundation is committed to inclusive education of people with disabilities and with the project "ReSeeing" to the ophthalmic care of children in Sub-Saharan Africa. The PRANA Foundation's funding enables a community-based rehabilitation project for children and young people with disabilities in San Miguel, Bolivia. In addition, the PRANA Foundation supported the victims of the IDAI cyclone in Mozambique with an emergency aid program of the association.
Photo: (c) Licht für die Welt/Mango Sound

Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. (2019)

When parents can no longer feed their children, natural disasters rage or entire village communities have to flee from violence, the Doctors without Borders begin their work. They provide urgently needed food and treat sick and injured people in need. In Afghanistan, the organization MSF provides free health care for mothers and children in 4 hospitals. In the province of Khost, a mother and child hospital is operated. Furthermore, health centres in the outskirts of the province are supported in the logistical and medical fields. Everywhere in Southern Sudan children have been abused as soldiers. MSF accompanies these former child soldiers with a team so that they can reintegrate into society. The PRANA Foundation supports these two projects.

Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius Stiftung: Projekt "Gopal ji Temple" (2016/2017/2019)

Gopal ji Temple In Uttarakhand and Rajasthan, North and North-West India, health care is almost non-existent in the remote mountain villages and rural areas. Children with upper respiratory infections often do not receive adequate medical care. This leads to hearing impairment and limitations in language development which have an impact on school readiness and learning ability. By funding Dr. Georg Michael Praetorius Foundation´s pilot project "Gopal ji Temple", PRANA-Stiftung supports an effective and sustainable medical care for hearing-impaired children, enabling them to return to school routine and improving prospects for their future.

Pelvic Pain (2012-2017)

5 to 8 percent of the German population suffers from chronic pelvic pain (CPPS), a prolonged and excruciating pain in in the lower abdomen. The Chronic pelvic pain affects both men and women.

Despite the high number of people affected and the fact that CPPS is associated with significant limitations and reduced quality of life, its causes and conditions remain largely unexplored. Competent and interdisciplinary treatment services in Germany are still under-developed.

At the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, PRANA Foundation launched the research platform "Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome". With this pilot project, the Foundation would like to give a fresh impetus to promote further integration of the disciplines and approaches, thus contributing to the sustainable improvement of the care of patients with CPPS in Germany.


Children's Palliative Care Network (2010-2014)

The Kinder Palliativ Netzwerk offers assistance with daily living to families with children who suffer from a deadly disease. The network provides an extensive support, so that the terminally ill children can live at home and die among family. From diagnosis to beyond death, the families are accompanied by nursing, medical and psychosocial professionals.

Valid Nutrition (2012-2014)

Approximately 20 million babies and young children worldwide are affected by acute life-threatening malnutrition. The first 1,000 days after conception are crucial to the physical and mental development of a person. Children who experience malnutrition during this period, are more susceptible to diseases and infections. They lack important prerequisites to develop their full intellectual and physical capabilities.

With the support of the PRANA Foundation Valid Nutrition developed a ready-to-use product and a new approach to improve access to affordable and nutritious food.The aim is to feed malnourished children with all the necessary nutrients within their home environment.

AMREF: Malaria-Prävention (2009-2013)

Projekt AMREF - Malaria-PräventionMalaria is a terrible disease, which claims 3000 children every day. Pregnant women often transmit the disease to their babies. Still, Malaria is a disease that can be prevented. Sleeping under mosquito nets can significantly reduce the risk of infection by mosquito bites. Those at risk, however, often don´t understand how the disease is transmitted, how they can protect themselves – or can´t afford buying bed nets.

The PRANA Foundation supports an anti-malaria project initiated by AMREF Flying Doctors in Ethiopia. Its objective is to provide especially impregnated bed nets to women and to women with babies. Additionally, PRANA sponsors the training of healthcare practitioners who will inform the population in their area about the causes, symptoms and prevention of malaria and other tropical diseases.

Wateraid (2009-2011)

Bild WaterAidTanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. Women and children spend – on average – 2 hours a day with the collection of water. Nearly 40 % of the population has no access to clean drinking water. Unclean water as well as unsanitary hygienic conditions claim the lives of some 4000 children every day. The PRANA Foundation supports Water Aid´s efforts in the Nzega District to build communal drinking water facilities and to train the population in hygiene aspects. The project will provide safe drinking water to 10,000 people.

Accordia – HIV/AIDS prevention (2008-2010)

The PRANA Foundation makes 10 scholarships available, under the auspices of the Accordia Clobal Health Foundation, for the training of community health practitioners in Tanzania. The programme focuses on HIV/Aids prevention as well as on the practical medical care of infected people. A specially designed training programme aims to strengthen the know-how of local health practitioners in order to improve the care and treatment of HIV/Aids infected patients as well as their preventive advice to children, youths and adults.


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